Tuesday, February 25, 2014

keeping it up ...

I have been lax in my sharing.
I admit that.
I even admit that I am not particular enthusiastic about this posting as well.
But deep down I know that I need to pick up my "pen" again and start doing this.

The reason?
Because I found that I was most happy during the period of my active posting years.
Maybe it’s the other way around.
I was happier, thus my postings were more frequent.

So then the question becomes why am I less happy?
It’s not that I am unhappy.
Or that I have nothing to be happy about.
It’s just comparatively I am not as happy as I was before.

It’s as if my child like lens has been removed from my eyes and everything seems just too bland.
Sounding like a midlife crisis about to happen.


That would be a typical midlife crisis phenomenon.
And I am now sharing it.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

An early thing...

Many happy returns.

Note : I know I am early.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Whatever that people say ...

Whatever that people say about what we should be and how we should do it, was done in the perspective of how they think the world works.
Most of the advices are sound and usually applicable to the general public.
But once a while, those sound advices aren't as sound as it seems.

For example, when a child ask what should they do to get people to like them.
Since it’s a child that asked we tend to say something like this "Just be yourself and have fun. The others will get to know you properly and you will be laughing and running around in no time."

But if it was asked by a teenager or young adult, our answers might vary a bit.
"Try and understand the environment and the people that are in it. Be mindful of your words and behaviour among them. If possible try to mimic them and they will eventually accept you into their fold"

And if an adult that asked the same question?
We would probably say this "Be part of the group and you will be fine."

Why does the same question get a different answer as we grow up?
The general answer is that life gets more "real" as time passes.

Yet somehow, I find it hard to accept that logic of thinking.
I know why it is so and what makes it seem right.
But I don't like how it sounds more like an excuse instead of a way to forward our thinking process.
An abrupt stop to the question because there is no answer.

Which in turn forces me to ask “Is this it”?
Is this the mystical realm of "42" that everyone talks about?
A simple answer to a complex question?

Thus I began what I would do when in search of a programmatic solution.
I break it down to it simplest form.

How do I get people to like me?
"Like" that’s the back bone of the question.
"How" that’s the secondary objective.

So let’s lay out the facts.
There is no way to get anyone or anything to like us.
It is totally random on how and why anyone would or would not like us.
Even if we share all the same traits and thinking pattern, there is no guarantee that others will like us.
The chemistry which governs our neural thinking paths for such thing as "love" and "happiness" is tied to what stimulates our memory as of the time it occurs.
When a person feels attracted to something, it is the mind associating the "happy" chemical reaction to a previous memory of such items which in turn allows us to pre-trigger a "happy" environment within our mind.
That reaction can also easily be associated to that of an "unhappy" reaction which causes us to dislike what we see.
Thus it’s totally random in which why someone would like or dislike us.
So the "How" objective is impossible to meet.

Instead in order to make the question more relevant would be to change it to "Why would anyone like me?”
And that would open a whole new approach and perspective to it.
Because the main objective would be "Why" instead of "Like me", which incidentally becomes the second objective.

The answer to the "Why" would then be cantered on us, the object which is within our own grasp and could in theory be better manipulated to meet our objective.
I could further simplify the question to "Why me?"
And gain a fulfilling simple answer, "Because I am me"

The reason why anyone would like us because we are comfortable at being us.
We are better accepted when we accept ourselves.
And the kicker is, when we are happy being ourselves, we basically don't really bother if anyone else likes us or not.
We are happy being us, the rest of the world can make up their mind in their own sweet time.

So long story short, whatever that people say are said based on their own interpretation.
It’s neither good nor bad, and it’s not supposed to be the law in which governs our choices.
It is at the end merely a point of view which we should take into consideration, as we are merely mortals trying to find a path through the mist of life.

And I shall finish this post with the words from the Grand Cookie Monster.
"May the cookie ever be in your flavour"

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

What to say other than...

Merry Christmas dear friends and all a happy New year.